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potWhy choose Jiaogulan Products from our company in Thailand?

Crème de la crème: We do a LOT to put as much TLC (tender loving care) as possible into our products. We share this amazing herb with our family and friends; it's important for us to be the Best of the Best!

1st Place Award for the Best Tasting Tea in Thailand - Thailand produces 20 metrics tons of tea a day (also 100 different herbal infusions) and is famous for oolong and black teas. When the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Public Health hosted a symposium to spread awareness of these products, our herbal, organic Jiaogulan leaf won 1st Prize for the Best Tasting Tea.

Immortalitea™ TM - Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, 5 Leaf variety. Local names: Herb of Immortality and Sweet Tea of the Vine

Health Properties - Adaptogen, Anti-oxidant and immunity support. More than 30 years of study in China, Japan, Thailand. Studies began in USA andEurope 15 years ago.

100% Organic - We grow organically using mulch fertilizers.

All Natural – our tea has no additives, no caffeine, no additives, no colorings, no flavorings, no sugar, no chemicals, no herbicides, no pesticides and is 100% GMP free.

Sweet Tasting - most Jiaogulan has a medicinal and bitter after-taste, yuck! Our tea is slightly bitter and slightly sweet; subtle yet hardy/healthy/green. The longer is sits, the sweeter it gets. Leaves sink to the bottom of the cup; there is no need for tea bags.

Quality Leaf and NO Tea Bags - We only use the rolled leaves in our tea and no stems over 1mm. Tea bag products commonly use stems and lower grade fillers. Powdered tea leaf oxidizes quickly, reduces shelf life and deteriorates the effectiveness of a fresh, healthy product.

Effectiveness - our product has been tested for its strength. 1 gram (enough to make 1 cup) has 7.76mg gypenosides (active ingredient); the highest grade available in sweeter varieties of Jiaogulan.

Better than Ginseng – less expensive way to revitalize your body. Jiaogulan is not a stimulant or a depressant. With 82 saponins, jiaogulan has 4x more than ginseng.

Freshness - We harvest all the year around but only on-demand. Time from harvest to table is often less than 2 months.

Growing - Organically grown in the North of Thailand by License of the Thailand Ministry of Agriculture. ISO GAP (Good Agricultural Practices). A 100% Non-Genetically Engineered/Modified product. Taste and leaf size do vary from harvest to harvest.

Fair-trade -We follow world-wide Fair Trade guidelines. Jiaogulan is an alternative cash crop to Opium and selected as part of the world's largest, most successful development project organized by the Royal Project Foundation of Thailand.

Tradition and Technology – A sophisticated 3 step drying and rolling process accents taste and aroma. Product taste and presentation are standardized across different growing seasons.

Production - ISO GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).  Small amounts of dust, sand and stems less than 1 mm are common in our final product. All are free of biological agents. We recommend the ancient tea making technique to rinse leaves prior to infusing for final consumption.

Location benefits - Northern Thailand is an area of the world where deforestation has been outlawed. We grow within the greatest agricultural region of the country known for highly fertile soil and fresh air. Our crop is cultivated in the shady hill country 100kg outside of Chiang Mai at 300 to 1000 meters above sea level.

Packaging - Foil gift packages or clear cellophane; 18 month shelf life when stored in cool, dark, dry place.

Testing -  Biologicals and metals tested yearly. Jiaogulan is Thailand FDA approved for consumption and listed 'Generally Considered Safe' by the USA FDA.

Export Documentation - Phyto-Sanitary and Certificate of Origin supplied with Air Courier shipments for resell. HTS 210690.

Organic Licensing - authorized by the Thailand Ministry of Agriculture. Declaration/Affidavit available.

Low Supply and High Demand - high grade andlimited supply. According to our other clients, there is no better tasting Jiaogulan available anywhere.

Duty/Customs - 3% in USA, 0% in most countriesworldwide; importer responsible for all fees related to clearance within their own country.

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Drink Sweet, Organic Jiaogulan

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