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potResellers receive additional discounts on our bulk infusion products!

We are currently open for resell inquiries about our delicious and healthy products. Our best relationships are with resellers who have personal relationships with clients.

We welcome the following practitioners: herbalists, nutritionists, naturopaths, allopathic, holistic health care practitioners, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, martial arts teachers, alternative healers, etc.

Retail venues that serve conscientious consumers are also a good match for us: tea shops, spas, health clubs, health food stores, whole food stores, whole food/vegetarian restaurants, specialty shops/boutiques, health resorts and boutique hotels.

Other potential clients include: resellers with a repeat client-base addressed regularly through a newsletter, mailing lists (solicited, not spam) or catalogue.

Please read all of this page for details on reseller orders.


potJiaogulan Tea Reseller Success

"Hello Marc, So sorry I haven't gotten back to you. Yes!!! We've gotten the tea and it's flying off the shelf like wildfire. I recommend it to EVERYONE. We have less than half of it left and will need to reorder soon. We make a bunch everyday for clients and ourselves. We love it. Thanks so much for the quality and I'm so glad I have your company as a health resource."

Liza Sgro - Dancing Heart Spa & Boutique
San Diego, California


potDistributor Wholesale Discount Pricing of Herbal Jiaogulan Tea

Our teas and herbal infusions are available in consumer packaging or as loose/bulk tea.

All prices quoted are FOB Chiang Mai, Thailand in US$.

Additional fees will be quoted for shipping, handling, packaging and transfer fees when applicable. Due to variable exchange rates, pricing are subject to change anytime.

Consumer Packaged Product

We offer significant discounts for bulk purchases of consumer packaged products. See a list of Wholesale products available here.

Bulk Leaf Product

Our per-kilogram wholesale pricing is available for interested resellers. See our loose jiaogulan quantity pricing here.

Please Contact Us and tell us about your company.


potPackaging of Herbal Jiaogulan

We have multiple packaging options available for distributor orders.

Plastic Laminated-Foil Gift Bag - 30 to 500 grams of loose-packed tea. These wonderfully decorated gift bags, with fancy graphics and Chinese characters (saying Specialty Tea, High Mountain Tea, etc.), are heat sealed to guarantee fresh taste.

Aluminum Safe: these packages are 'foil sprayed', bonded at the molecular level and then plastic coated. You get maximum safety and self-life, with minimal weight, costs and Earth wastes. That's why we're paying the BIG bucks and importing from Taiwan.

We label the front and back of each bag to provide product information. Bag designs may vary from order to order.

Cellophane packaging for Jiaogulan Tea

Clear Cellophane - 100 grams of tea. These see-through bags are a big success for our Western resellers. They say their clients like to see the product inside. We label the front and back of each bag to provide product information.

Bulk Packaging - when ordering bulk leaf herbs or tea by the kg, we will package in plastic bags that conveniently fit in the boxes required to process your order.


potPayment for Herbal Jiaogulan

Payment Terms - Payment is required in full before each order is processed. Instructions may be sent in advance of placing large orders. We will provide you a custom quote including costs of product, packaging, freight, handing, transfer and document fees.

We accept the following methods of payment.

1. Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX & eChecks through ~ As of 2011 Paypal is the largest internet credit card processor and had more than 232 million accounts in 192 markets. PayPal allows you to send, receive, and hold funds in 25 currencies worldwide without giving your credit card info to any vendor.

If your interested in convenience and security for internet purchases and don't already have a Paypal account, this is the perfect reason to get one.

Our account name is John Marcus Cofer( Your card statement will say Marc-Constanze .

2. Bank Wire Transfer or Telex Transfer (T/T)

On orders over $1,000 or in countries without access to Paypal, we recommend pre-payment by wire transfer. We will send you our bank information with your order.

Contact us by email when you transfer your funds, so we may follow-up with our bank ~ typical transfer times are 1 to 3 working days for international wires. Setup a repetitive wire from our account to yours and transfers my be done in minutes and received w/i 24 hours.

3. US Orders ONLY

Send Check payable to Formula One to:

Mail to:
Wells Fargo Bank
PO Box 3488
Portland, OR 97208

Information to include on your Check
1. Payee: Formula One
2. Memo: Deposit into Acct# 0747560951

You MUSTContact us by email when you send us a payment. Tell us...

1. What you have ordered
2. Total order amount
3. Shipping address
4. Phone number - in case we need to contact you.

Your order pre-packed and made ready to ship on the day your payment clears our account ~ add about 1 week to your order processing time, plus delivery time of 2 to 5 days on US mainland.


potShipping Method for Herbal Jiaogulan and other Healthy Teas from Thailand

Air shipping rates to most countries vary between $10 and $25 per kg depending on volume and shipping time. Please include these figures in your product costing estimates. We can supply your a custom quote at anytime here.

USA/Canada Reseller orders of less than 80kg can be shipped from our Michigan fulfillment center. All orders outside USA/Canada will be shipped direct from Thailand.

Thai Postal Service - orders of 4kg or less are shipped by Priority Thai Airmail. Delivery time is quoted by the Thai postal service as 1 to 2 weeks, but we have found 10 to 15 working days is more accurate.

By using local postal services from country to country, customs can generally be avoided. Smaller packages are shipped as a 'Souvenir - Gift Tea' from Thailand.

TNT Global Express - for orders over 5kg, TNT provides door to door Air service in 4 to 5 days. Please include your phone number with your order for tracking and contact purposes.

You may track the status of your shipment online.
We will supply you an AWB (Airway Bill) Consignment number such as GD123456789WW or 123456789 to enter at this link:

Airways Freight - for orders over 100kg, shipping can drop below $10 per kg. We may ship by TNT, DHL or UPS depending on who has the best rate to your country.

UPS, DHL, FEDEX - If you use UPS, FEDEX or DHL, we may bill your account. Please contact them directly concerning requirements of importing consumable, dried plant products and/or tea into your country.

Sea Cargo - recommended only for those already familiar with this process. We ship product by land to Bangkok and your freight company can pickup at our land shipper to foward to your container company.


potImport Fees, Permits and Regulations

You are responsible for all taxes, duties and fees associated with importing herbal tea and other tea products into your country. We can help you with this process by providing any required documentation.

One of the easiest ways to find out about import requirements is to contact our International Courier - since they will assist you with the clearance process.

We do not know of any tax/duty for our herbal Jiaogulan and Mulberry products. Tea (black, brown, chinese, green, oolong) products may be subject to duty in many countries.

We may supply the following import documents on orders over 5kg that are shipped by TNT International Courier - fees apply:

  • Phytosanitary Certificates (Phyto) from Thailand's Department of Agriculture ~ $10 per order.
  • Certificate of Origin (CO) from Thailand's Ministry of Commerce ~ $10 per order.
  • FDA PN - Prior Notice document (USA only) ~ no charge

These documents may take a full working day to process; allow for this additional time to process your order.

We cannot be held responsible for product that does not arrive due to import restrictions or customs requirements. If your order is confiscated and destroyed you will receive a receipt from customs as proof of delivery that serves as conclusion of our contract.

For residents of the the EU, Australia and New Zealand, Import Permits may be required for larger orders.

USA Imports

The FDA has recently required prior notification for all consumable goods shipped into the USA. This means we need to include an additional bar-coded document with each order to the USA.

  • FDA PN - Prior Notice document

We can process this document online and currently do not charge for this service. You can help us expedite this processing by applying for a Food Facility registration number. Anyone may do this by following the directions below:

We'll do all the rest.

USA FDA Codes for our organic Jiaogulan Herbal Tea

  • 54EBT99 Jiaogulan Herbal Tea
  • 54FBT99 Jiaogulan Herbal Tea Veggie Capsules

Additional Information on USA Imports

You may not need this, but it can be helpful.

USA customers may apply for a free Import Permit online at the US Department of Agriculture. Details on how goods enter the country can be found at US Customs with an introduction for new importers.

If you wish to avoid importing costs and details contact, see existing distributors in your area.


potInvoice, Airway bills, Import Documentation & HTS Codes

We will need some details from you to properly ship herbs and tea to your door. Please provide us the following details when you prepare your order.

  • Shipping Contact Name, Company, Address and Phone
  • Billing Contact Name, Company, Address and Phone (if different from Shipping)
  • Documentation for product to enter your country. Include necessary codes if product needs to be encoded with a Tax or Duty Code specific to a given product.
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Thailand Organic Certification
  • Other documents as required, etc...

What do you need? When shipping herbs, they are sometimes classified as herbs or dried vegetable product to legally avoid costly tea taxes applicable in some countries. Just tell us your documentation requirements.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule Code for Jiaogulan Herbal Tea

  • HTS: 210690 (first 6 digits is usually enough)

The codes above are defined by the WTO and commonly accepted international on import and export documents.


potWholesaler Price List

Our current price list may be downloaded as a PDF file here. For retailers selling consumer packaged product, see the links below to get started. We are happy supply you a custom quote for your initial order based on your specific needs and shipping rates to your country ~ Contact us here.


potReady to get Started?

Chose from a list of Bulk-packaged or Retail Packaged wholesale products here from a complete list of choices to match your level of interest.


potHow to Promote our products

We would like to help you educate people about our Award Winning products. Download product information in PDF files here.


Introduce others to this amazing herb.

Run a green and conscious business. Our last reseller said...

"We thank you so much! Your Jiaogulan is our best selling new item. 48 units sold and another 22 on backorder (70 total in just a week & a half!) We appreciate your getting the order out quickly. You'll be sure to see another order from me soon, I'm sure!"
Julie G. ~ Repeat Client
Purchasing Agent

Thailand Herbs: Jiaogulan Tea, Jiaogulan Capsules, Mulberry Leaf Tea, Oolong Tea
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Order in Bulk as a reseller direct from the Source and Save

We process all of our Jiaogulan Tea to minimize packaging and maintain freshness. The shelf-life of Jiaogulan is 18 months. Would you like to see Bulk Tea Reseller pricing and quantities?

By buying our products you will be helping farmers (like the Karen Hilltribe people pictured below) in the hills of Northern Thailand. The cultivation of Herbal Teas provides an alternative cash crop to the many hilltribe people that have relied on Opium production for generations.

Girls of the Karen tribe carrying chrysanthemums which will be made into tea.

Want to expand your product line with Thailand's best tasting tea for 2002?

Contact Us to tell us how you can help spread the word about Jiaogulan.

Jiaogulan is best enjoy without a tea bag to hold in its natural, aromatic flavor.
Shou: Chinese character of immortality and longevity.

"My order arrived in fine shape and in good time. I was
surprised at how great a difference there is between
your tea and the tired and bitter taste of the tea
bags I had which were of Chinese origin. I will be ordering again soon."

Robert Chevalier
Alaska, USA


Healthy Herbs and Teas from Thailand to clients, family, friends and associates?
Click here to see a list of resell kits available
for order online.

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