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potTCM usage for Gynostemma Pentaphyllum ~ Jiaogulan

"The Chinese teachers I've had say that the bitter tasting Jiaogulan is more medicinally effective than the sweet kind. It makes sense from a Chinese perspective, as the bitter taste would help to clear excess heat from the body. But I can also imagine that that is what Chinese herb distributors would say because they can't get the sweet kind. Plus the general idea that bitter is better.

What do you know about this? I've also seen just a little bit about the properties of Jiaogulan from a Chinese perspective, but they are pretty vague - it's a heat-clearing qi tonic that won't cause stagnation, like most tonics can. Do you have anything else on it from a traditional perspective?"

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Order from Click HereThe below exert is from Jiaogulan, The Chinese Immortality Herb. Michael Blumert and Dr. Jioliu Liu have assembled the best source of information concerning the research of Jiaogulan and its components.

Jiaogulan's traditional use has not been widespread in China. It was used as a folk herb in the local areas where it grew wild. Jiaogulan grows mostly in the mountainous regions of southern China, far from the central part of China, an area which ha long been known as the "ancient domain of China". This central area of China is where the classical TCM evolved, hence Jiaogulan's absence from TCM usage.

An experienced TCM practitioner in China has analyzed jiaogulan and described its qualities in TCM terms as "sweet, slightly bitter, neutral, warm, enhancing 'Yin' and supporting 'Yang'".

Jiaogulan, The Chinese Immortality Herb - contains analysis of over 10 years of study at leading universities and institutes in China, Japan and the United States. Click here to order at for US$7.95.


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Jiaogulan is proven to promote logevity in China.
Centenarians in China drink Jiaogulan Tea for a healthy life style.

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