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Help us to educate about the benefits of drinking Jiaogulan Tea by answering the survey questions below.

potFor people new to Jiaogulan...

1. Is this your first time to hear about Jiaogulan?
2. Do you know what an Antioxidant is?
3. Do you know what an Adaptogen is?
4. Do you know which diseases are Degenerative diseases?

5. Do you know any Chinese herbs that are used in Western medicine?

6. Do you know why Ginseng is so popular?
7. Do you drink herbal teas?
8. Do you drink any teas without sugar or honey?
9. Do you take any herbs for health reasons?
10. Would you be interested to drink Jiaogulan Tea for a 3 month trial?
11. Comments (Any notes you'd like to add?)
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potFor people that have tried Jiaogulan Tea

Please skip this section if you have never tried it.

1. How long have you been drinking Jiaogulan?
2. How much do you drink daily?
3. How did you hear about Jiaogulan?
4. Why did you start drinking Jiaogulan?
5. Where do you get Jiaogulan?
6. What do you think about the taste?
7. Do you have a preferred brand? What is it?
8. What results have you had from drinking Jiaogulan?
9. Have you ever bought Jiaogulan Tea in bulk?
10. Have you ever tried 'Sweet' Jiaogulan from Thailand?
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