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5 min 31 sec of videos. Watch the first 1 min 16 sec to know... Why and How we do it!

Organic Jiaogulan ThailandDo you like what you see? We're looking for worldwide relationships with holistic practitioners, spas and health resorts, tea and coffee shops, specialty restaurants, boutique shops, yoga studios, health food stores, health clubs, dojo's and individuals who have an interest in sharing a healthy lifestyle with family, friends and their own clientele.

Our product has an 18 month shelf-life and quantity discounts apply so... don't be afraid to stock up! We have a few different categories of wholesale products list below:

Profit Margin Protection: We wish Jiaogulan to be a viable product for clients of all sizes; protecting profit margins benefits everyone. By purchasing our retail packaged product on this page you agree to market our unique and Award-winning brand-name Immortalitea™ at the Minimum Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) listed below:

  • 1Kg USD = $119.95 (Jiaogulan, Mulberry, Oolong)
  • 500 grams USD = $79.95 (Jiaogulan, Mulberry, Oolong)
  • 100 gram USD = $29.95 (Jiaogulan, Mulberry, Oolong)
  • 30 grams USD = $11.95 (Jiaogulan, Mulberry, Oolong)
  • Jiaogulan capsules (individual 100 count bottle) = USD $19.95 per bottle
  • Jiaogulan capsules (4 unit bulk purchase) = USD $59.95

gynostemma pentaphyllum  
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