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potTopical Uses for Jiaogulan

Apply Jiaogulan leaves as a compress to give yourself a facial. Put Jiaogulan leaves in cheese cloth or a stocking. Apply to areas of dry or rough skin. Try this on an elbow during the dry, cold months of winter. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Our production workers powder Jiaogulan for use in capsules and baking. But, Jiaogulan powder can also be used in cosmetics, soaps, creams and shampoos. After a day working the grinding machine, our workers get lots of compliments from loved ones. They say that the powder gets on there forearms and keeps them soft for a couple of weeks. See how to make Jiaogulan Massage Oils and Salve below.


potDirections for making a Jiaogulan Herbal Massage Oil

Use Jiaogulan in Massage Oil to make your skin smooth and more radiant. The method for extracting Jiaogulan's active ingredients into a carrier oil are similar to making a tincture (see below.) Select an oil by determining your need for use below.

Jiaogulan massage oil: Carrier Oil Listing

  • We usually use an organic extra-Virgin olive oil for massage and dry skin support
  • For face creams you may wish to use almond, coconut, sesame or another good quality oil
  • Select other oils based on their own medicinal properties

Cover jiaogulan leaves with oil. Keep the oil slightly warm during the extraction process. Use a warmer if you would like to speed up the process. Shake/stir the jiaogulan a couple of times a day. Leave it in the oil from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Jiaogulan's active ingredients saponins/gypenosides dissolve in oil (and water). Press the Jiaogulan leaves through several layers of cheesecloth to extract the oil. Add any scent desired and store in a dark, glass jar in a cool place.

Use Jiaogulan Oil and Jiaogulan Tea in combination to strengthened and beautify skin weakened or damaged by smoke, pollution, harsh weather and stress. Jiaogulan is renowned for enhancing blood circulation and flow. Increased circulation contributes to your body's tone by making your skin fuller, fresher, relaxed and elastic.

potMaking your own Jiaogulan Salve

For making salve you follow the recipe above for oil. After you have your jiaogulan oil to the scent or strength you desire, warm it up just enough so it will melt wax. You add about 1 Tbls. of organic beeswax for every cup of oil. Stir beeswax into the warmed oil until its dissolved. Pour into dark glass containers and close with a lid. If you find your salve is not as thick as you wish you can reheat it and add more beeswax.


Do you have your own ideas for how to use Jiaogulan. If you would like to share them, please contact us.

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