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paypal company nameJiaogulan Cellophane Packages for Resell

Organic Jiaogulan ThailandWe're looking for worldwide relationships with holistic practitioners, spas and health resorts, tea and coffee shops, specialty restaurants, boutique shops, yoga studios, health food stores, health clubs, dojo's and individuals who have an interest in sharing a healthy lifestyle with family, friends and their own clientele.

Profit Margin Protection: We wish Jiaogulan to be a viable product for clients of all sizes; protecting profit margins benefits everyone. By purchasing our retail packaged product on this page you agree to market our unique and Award-winning brand-name Immortalitea™ at the Minimum Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) listed below:

  • 100g (3.5oz) = USD 29.95 Jiaogulan Immortalitea™

teapot bulletWholesale: Jiaogulan in Retail Packaged 100g Cellophane. Quoted in USD$

100g Jiaogulan in Cellophane PackagingCellophane Package: The packages are excellent for placement on shelf so your clientele may SEE what they are getting by viewing the product inside; 100% Natural, whole leaf Jiaogulan from Thailand.

A 100g package is enough for 100 cups of our Award Winning, Organic Jiaogulan Immortalitea™. This is enough to give your clients a chance to have a real feel for what the product may be for them.

Jiaogulan 100g Cellophane Retail Packages. $29.95 Retail.
Wholesale Rates in USD - includes FREE Shipping to USA/Canada.
These rates cover shipping to 35 other countries; inquire for details.
Qty 8 16 32 48 64 128
Discount 35% 40% 45% 50% 55% 57%
Unit Cost $19.50 $18.00 $16.50 $15.00 $13.50 13.00
Profit $84.00 $192.00 $432.00 $720.00 $1,056.00 $2,176.00
Total Cost $156.00 $288.00 $528.00 $720.00 $864.00 $1,644.00
ACH or Wire
USA: Delivery in 2 to 6 postal days from MI, USA fulfillment center.
For alternative pricing and/or payment on orders over $750.00
by ACH or wire, please contact us at
Other countries: This product is not currently available.
Numbers above rounded for easier calculations.

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teapot bulletWholesale Orders: Processing Time and Shipping

Production Times: we keep a regular, rotating stock of fresh product on the USA mainland for immediate shipment of your orders in the US and Canada. Please contact us with your product stocking requirements in advance for larger orders.

Shipping Times: 98% of all orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.

  • USA Mainland : 2 to 5 working days by Priority Mail.
  • Canada : 2 to 7 working days by Priority Mail. Might be longer if a custom's agent can't resist a sniff our amazing herbal tea leaf aroma!
  • UK, AU/NZ, DE, JP, EU and other countries! We ship via Thailand Priority Registered Airmail in 1 to 3 weeks.
  • Invoice & Declaration: we included a Customs Declaration Invoice on the exterior of each package shipped. We declare product according to common name & botanical name with an international (HTS) Harmonized Tarif Schedule code. The invoice specifies a minimun USD value applicable.
  • Customs/Importing: any clearance and import related fees into your own country are your responsiblity. Most countries allow shipments for personal use = 1 month of herbal tea or herbal supplements. When ordering in larger volumes, you should check with local authories. If you have special needs for importing, please let us know.
  • Import Documentation: if your product is over 6kg when packaged, it may be best to use an Air Courier service. Our Air Courier can include a Certificate of Origin and a Phytosanitary document when required at cost.
  • USA FDA: consumable shipments to the USA from Thailand require an FDA PN (Prior Notice) document. You'll need to register (anyone can do this for any physical address) for an FFRN (Food Facility Registration Number) on the FDA's website. Please send your FFRN to us before we process & ship your first order. Each large consumable shipment to the USA requires the creation of a FDA PN document. We can create/supply the FDA PN for a flat rate of USD25 per shipment.

Custom Quotes: Need product in different volumes than those listed? Please contact us for a custom quote with shipping to your international address.

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teapot bulletEducate your Clients 'Why our Jiaogulan' is soooo special

There's just no other way to say it... we put a LOT of TLC (tender loving care) into every product we make. Here is a short listing of what your client gets for their hard earned $bucks$ ...

  • Superior Taste: 1st Prize Award for Best Tasting Tea in Thailand. Our bitter sweet-taste will hook you from the very first cup.
  • Hand Sorted Whole-leaf Jiaogulan: because Jiaogulan grows on a climbing vine, many producers include stems in their products. We don't! That means we go that extra mile to hand-sort all stems over 1mm thick out of our product.
  • High Level of Active Ingredient: Having 7.66% total Gypenosides means we have an incrediable amount of active ingredients for a sweeter variety of Jiaogulan! Usually for health, 'bitter is better', but with our product, you get the bitter with the sweet in a powerful punch with great taste.
  • Naturally Caffeine Free: all jiaogulan is naturally stimulating without caffeine. Gypenosides in jiaogulan are a great source of energy for athletes, meditators and workaholics. Jiaogulan tea infusions serve as an excellent alternative to coffee, black tea and sugary sodas for a nice, yet natural UP!
  • 100% Natural: no additives of any kind. No Suger, No Chemicals, No Fertilizers or Fungicides, No Preservatives. And, minimal processing.
  • 100% Natural Presentation: Whole Leaf Organic Jiaogulan needs no tea bags. The leaf settles to the bottom of your cup and they taste great the longer they sit. Use the infused leaves for facials, dry skin compresses or discard in your garden.
  • Whole-Food Goodness from Nature: Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Vegetarian
  • Freshest Jiaogulan Available: harvested on-demand every month. No other Jiaogulan comes even close.
  • Long Storage Life: Order in bulk and save ~ our product has an 18 month shelf-life when stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Use chip-clips on opened packagain to preserve freshness and active ingredients.
  • International Export Quality Product: Licensed, Certified, Tested and Approved for EU and USA food consumption.
  • Western management: we guarantee quality, safety and friendly service ~ in English!
  • Nationally tested and certified: Thailand FDA approved as a fair-trade, organic, whole-food product.
  • International ISO Certified: Our farms and production facilities are ISO certified for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Halal Certification: our Halal certification for our production facility is pending by the end of 2014.
  • Kosher growth/preparation/production: not yet certified, but Kosher methods are followed and met according to the details outlined here.

Jiaogulan POS Info: find a complete list of Point of Sale content to share with your lclients here - Jiaogulan Information to Share.

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