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potOrganic Jiaogulan Vegetable Capsules are your best source for Gypenosides when you are on the go.

Organic Jiaogulan Gynostemma Veggie Capsule PillsALL DAY ENERGY & FOCUS: Lift your vitality and concentration with slow release natural energy from Organic 5-Leaf Jiaogulan/Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Immortalitea. Natural stimulation without caffeine means no post-coffee/soda/tea crash.

CALORIE BURNING BOOSTER: Support your weight loss goals with an all-natural, adaptogenic way to increase your body's metabolism.

CIRCULATORY SYSTEM SUPPORT: Scientifically proven heart regulator.

IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Natures perfect answer to a fast pace life-style. You'll get all the help you need to stay in balance and healthy during cold/flu/allergy seasons & during times when you are on-the-go when relief is most important.

NATURE'S MOST POWERFUL ADAPTOGEN: 82 Saponins, 4x more than Ginseng. Truly a wonder herb & long life vitality solution.

FREE SHIPPING Plus Get a 1oz/30g Award Winning Jiaogulan Tea sample with each 4 Cap order! A $11.95 Value!

FREE SHIPPING: All consumer capsule orders of any size include FREE shipping. See details for each country below.

AWARD WINNING TASTE OF THAILAND: Free Sample Tastes with each order of 4 capsules. Our whole leaf organic Jiaogulan does not require a tea bag. Put the leaves in a cup and let them sink to the bottom. The longer it sits, the better it tastes.

INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9002 GAP & GMP Certified. Halal certified. Kosher growing and production methods followed - not yet certified.

MINI-INFO-BOOKLET: Includes 18 Jiaogulan Q & A's, Connoisseur Tips and Facts.

Organic Jiaogulan Capsules

  • 1 Bottle contains 100 Veggie (cellulose) capsules
  • 1 Bottle contains 50 Servings
  • 1 Serving = 2 500mg capsules
  • 1 Serving = 75mg Gypenosides

Production Details: Our 100% Veggie (cellulose) capsules are package according to ISO 9000 GPM (Good Manufacturing Practices) certifications. Jiaogulan is harvested monthly based on demand. Our capsules are produced in small lots to maximize freshness.

Jiaogulan (aka Gynostemma) 500mg Veggie Capsules
2 Capsules is Equal to 1g or 1 Cup of Tea
100 Count of Capsules per Bottle


potOrganic Jiaogulan Veggie Capsules Order Options

Would you like to combine our Awarding Winning Organic Jiaogulan Herbal Tea with our Veggie Capsules - order specially designed combination packages here.

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16 Bottles Capsules: 4 month supply +
4 30g Free Tea Samples: 90 Cups
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30g Free Tea Sample: 30 Cups
(Organic Jiaogulan Tea = a $11.95 Value)
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98% of all order ship within 24 hours. USA and Canada orders ship from fresh stock on the USA mainland. All consumer orders include FREE Shipping.

  • USA Mainland : 2 to 5 working days by Priority Mail
  • Canada : 2 to 7 working days by Priority Mail. Might be longer if required to clear customs.
  • UK, AU/NZ, MY/SG, DE, JP, EU and other countries! We ship via Thailand Priority Registered Airmail in 1 to 3 weeks.
  • 1st Prize Award for Best Tasting Tea in Thailand
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ~ we will refund your money without question.
  • Whole Leaf Organic Jiaogulan needs no tea bags. The leaf settles to the bottom of your cup and tastes great the longer it sits.
  • International Export Quality Product ~ Licensed, Certified, Tested and Approved for EU and USA food consumption.
  • Western management guarantees quality, safety and friendly service ~ in English!
  • Thailand FDA approved as a fair-trade, organic, whole-food product.
  • ISO Certified ~ Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Order shipped off the USA mainland will take longer for delivery... but you already knew that, didn't you?

Our 100% Veggie (cellulose) capsules are package according to ISO 9000 GPM (Good Manufacturing Practices) certifications. Capsules have a shelf life of 18 months. Please store in a cool, dry, dark place to guarantee freshness.


Jiaogulan Veggie Capsule Packaging Details

Bottles are stuffed with hygienic cotton, top sealed and shrink wrapped according to ISO 9000 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Each veggie capsules contains 500mg of organic Jiaogulan.


You can sample Jiaogulan Capsules and Jiaogulan Herbal Tea by ordering specially designed combination packages. Shipping is FREE.

One of our recent clients had this to say...

"I've been taking (another brand of herbal pills) for a long time, and now that you are offering Jiaogulan capsules, I compared the two products, and your's provides a better value insofar as amount of gypenosides for the dollar. Of course the fact that I love your fresh Jiaogulan Herbal Tea helps the decision as well :-)

Thank you so much for a wonderful product, and it's truly a pleasure doing business with Jiaogulan Tea Company."

Jay L. - MA, USA


Where and How our
Jiaogulan Veggie Caps
are produced - 30 sec video.

potWhole-food Gypenosides in Easy to Take Capsule Form. 100% Natural!

Serving Suggestions: 20 to 75mg of Gypenosides (active ingredient) 2 to 3 times per day as specified below...

Jiaogulan Organic Veggie Capsules
Shelf Life: Capsules have a 18 month shelf life
when stored in a
cool, dry, dark place.

You can sample Jiaogulan Capsules and Jiaogulan Herbal Tea by ordering specially designed combination packages. Shipping is FREE.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
No Risk Purchase!

Thailand Herbs: Jiaogulan Tea, Jiaogulan Capsules, Mulberry Leaf Tea, Oolong Tea
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Best Value - Save 40%
1kg Jiaogulan Leaf Tea
& 16 Bottles Capsules
3 month supply for 2 people using tea and capsules - see
combination packages.

Illnesses treated by Jiagulan and its Gypenosides
Jiaogulan and gypenosides offer relief for diabetes mellitus

Uses of Jiaogulan:
Many systems within the body may be supported by adaptogens and antioxidants. Typical ways that adaptogens and antioxidants may work within the body are listed below:

Circulatory System: support the body’s blood and related systems such as the liver, glands, nerves and general circulation

Immune System: supports the immune system, adrenal function, provides energy/metabolism boost, nurtures central nervous system/heart connection, creates unfavorable environment for viruses

Nervous Fatigue: Supports adrenal function, provides energy/metabolism boost, nurtures central nervous system/heart connection

Digestive System: digestive and detoxifying functions of the body, including the urinary system

Liver Balance: Supports Liver Health, Relieves Stress, For Occasional Irritability

Spleen Activator: Nourishes Spleen Function, Supports Pancreas, Relief of Occasional Nighttime Leg Cramps

Energy, Alertness & Stamina: Builds physical and emotional energy, nourishes adrenal glands, and promotes cellular metabolism

Intestinal System: designed to support the cleansing mechanisms of the body by targeting the intestinal, digestive and circulatory systems

Nervous System: Mood Elevatation: supports the nervous, urinary, respiratory and female reproductive systems

Liver Balance: Supports liver health, relieves stress, also useful for occasional irritability

Liver and Pancreas: Supports the liver and pancreas to assist the bodies normalization of blood sugar and optimal glandular within the digestive system

Respiratory System: Lung Support: supports respiratory health

Urinary System: Kidney Activator: designed to support the urinary and lymphatic systems and structural system

All of the above potential effects of adaptogens and antioxidants (including gynostemma pentaphyllum) on the systems within the body need more human studies to prove or disprove.

Jiaogulan Names: Gynostemma, Immortalitea™ , Xiancao, Amachazuru, 5-Leaf Ginseng, Integratea, Penta tea, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, Miracle Grass, Poor Man's Ginseng
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