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potOEM Jiaogulan Rates quoted in THB Thai Baht only

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OEM Packaging and Labeling - Custom Branding/Packaging Services

Source and supply us your own packaging to Chiang Mai, Thailand and we are happy to provide you a custom quote for packaging/labeling per unit based on logistics complexity and production staff labor. We also may provide print services for your own private labels if you supply PDF documents. Will we charge label printing at cost plus a minimal administration fee for each print run.

Organically Grown Jiaogulan - what makes us different?
Jiaogulan is a new product and considered a specialty herbal tea in China, Thailand and Japan. By cultivating organically in the mountains of Northern Thailand and processing using the latest tea technology, we've created the best tasting Jiaogulan we know of on the planet. We think your clients will agree.

Best Tasting Tea Award in all of ThailandOur Jiaogulan, was awarded 1st Place for the Best Tasting Tea in all of Thailand for the year 2002 by the Public Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture. We competed with every green tea, black tea and herbal tea available in Thailand and still came out #1. This is an herbal tea everyone should be aware of.

Please compare our product with Chinese Jiaogulan. It's like comparing a Mac to a PC (if you're in the know, you just know). Most people who are familiar (herbalist or tea connoisseurs) with Gynostemma Pentaphyllum know about it's remarkably properties, but discount drinking it for pleasure because of a strong 'medicinal taste' associated with Chinese Herbs in Medicinal tea infusions.

Our goal is to introduce Jiaogulan through other companies that brand tea while creating a new and viable cash crop for villagers in the Northern Hills of Thailand. Help us realize this goal by ordering Bulk Jiaogulan, Direct from the Source, for your company today!

Bulk OEM rates prepaid by Wire in THB - purchased for delivery in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • 100kg = 1450 THB/Kg (42.87 USD/Kg as of Mid-2017)

Bulk OEM rates prepaid by Wire in THB - purchased for delivery to USA or Canada*

  • 100kg = 1750 THB/Kg (51.75 USD/Kg as of Mid-2017)

Exchange Rates at Bangkok Bank here. Use the TT rate column.

Please contact us to confirm latest prices and air courier shipping rates to your country.

*DHL currently offers discounted shipping to the USA and Canada for shipment quantities of 100kg+ = 300 THB/Kg based on bulk volumetric/deminsional weight. This rate may change at any time.

Bulk Packaging - bulk loose leaf herbs or tea are packaged in plastic cellophane.

Production Time - We harvest and process on-demand and do not warehouse or stock product. Consequently, a 100kg+ order takes 2 to 4 weeks to produce.

Air Shipping Rate (usually 2 to 5 days + customs clearance) by UPS to USA or TNT Worldwide. Please contact us for a custom quote with shipping to your international address.

Import requirements and documentation - We will provide AWB (Airway Bill), Phytosanitary (Phyto) and Certificate of Origin (CO) documents from local authorities. These are usually the only documents required for most countries. You are responsible for all permits, taxes, duties and fees associated with importing product into your country. Provide us your document details (invoice, etc) when you prepare your order.

Special Notice for USA:

There is currently a 4.8% duty on Jiaogulan tea and capsules entering the USA. Our experience shows us that only 1 and 5 shipments are charged this fee.

USA FDA requires us to include a Prior Notice Consignment Number (PN#) from USA FDA website for consumables entering the USA on Air Courier shipments only (used on large volume orders).

You can register your name/company (anyone can do this) and obtain a FFRN Food Facility Registration Number. The number will help us to expedite PN# processing.
Sign up for an account and then
Register a Facility

Email us your registration (FFRN) number upon completion. There should be no other requirements on your end as we create a PN# online for each shipment. Our latest shipments have passed through customs and FDA inspection within 48 hours.

All our teas are freshly harvested to maintain a shelf life of 18 months. Please store all of your herbal and tea products in a cool, dry, dark location to guarantee fresh taste and effectiveness.


paypalteapotJiaogulan Powder quoted in THB Thai Baht ~ 20kg Minimum Purchase

Organically Grown Jiaogulan Ground to your specifications. Please add 15% to the bulk rates listed above) for use in energy bars, bakery items (breads, pastas, sweets), cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, creams, capsules and tea bags (ugh!... not our cup of tea).

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