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potOrganic & Pesticide Free Jiaogulan

Full Harvest of Jiaogulan in Chiangmai, ThailandJiaogulan grows abundantly around the Chiang Mai province of northern Thailand. Most of our local people are farmers that benefit from the fertile soil of this area. Jiaogulan plants are very sensitive to chemical fertilizers so our growers use only compost or humus to enrich the soil. Insects and plant diseases do not commonly bother Jiaogulan, so growers do not use pesticides or herbicides. Legumes are planted after each harvest to restore the nitrogen in the soil.

After harvesting, the leaf is separated from the stems. The Jiaogulan leaf is then dehydrated using traditional methods and the latest tea-rolling technology to maximize flavor and packaging presentation.


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We package and ship 100% Natural Jiaogulan Tea Leaf anywhere in the world. Our product is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with no caffeine, no preservatives, no sugar, no colorings and no artificial flavorings.

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We have seen retail rates for Jiaogulan Tea that are as much as 1000% more than our wholesale rates. If you are a regular Jiaogulan Tea drinker, or just want to order for your friends and family, we can save you a bundle.

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potJiaogulan Leaf Tea, Mulberry Leaf Tea, and Oolong Tea Available from Thailand

We have access to growers that harvest the highest, export qualities tea products in all of Thailand.

Our current list of Bulk Order Tea available to be shipped form Chiang Mai, Thailand to anywhere in the world includes...

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A drink of tea is a medium to breath nature... Chinese Proverb

You're visiting the only place where you can order Thailand's Best Tasting Tea for 2002.

1st Prize Awarding Winning Jiaogulan Gynostemma from Thailand

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Thailand Herbs: Jiaogulan Tea, Jiaogulan Capsules, Mulberry Leaf Tea, Oolong Tea
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