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potOrganic Gynostemma: Leaf Tea and Veggie Capsules

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98% of all order ship within 24 hours. USA and Canada orders ship from fresh stock on the USA mainland.

  • USA Mainland : 2 to 5 working days by Priority Mail
  • Canada : 2 to 7 working days by Priority Mail. Might be longer if a custom's agent can't resist a sniff our amazing herbal tea leaf aroma!
  • UK, AU/NZ, DE, JP, EU and other countries! We ship via Thailand Priority Registered Airmail in 1 to 3 weeks.
  • 1st Prize Award for Best Tasting Tea in Thailand
  • USPS Priority Mail delivery within 2 to 5 postal days. 98% of all order ship within 24 hours.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ~ we will refund your money without question.
  • Whole Leaf Organic Jiaogulan needs no tea bags. The leaf settles to the bottom of your cup and tastes great the longer it sits.
  • Order in bulk and save ~ our product has an 18 month shelf-life.
  • International Export Quality Product ~ Licensed, Certified, Tested and Approved for EU and USA food consumption.
  • Western management guarantees quality, safety and friendly service ~ in English!
  • Thailand FDA approved as a fair-trade, organic, whole-food product.
  • ISO Certified ~ Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Order shipped off the USA mainland will take longer for delivery... but you already knew that, didn't you?

Metric Conversion
1kg = 2.2lb = 35.7oz
500g = 1.1lb = 17.3oz

Jiaogulan Rolled Tea Leaf Organically Grown in Thailand

Rolled Whole Leaf Jiaogulan
(Gynostemma Pentaphyllum) Immortalitea™.
Organically Grown in Northern Thailand
under License of Ministry of Agriculture.
ISO Certified GAP and GPM.
Thailand FDA Approved.


potClients are often pleased by their very first cup of our Award Winning Jiaogulan

"I am very impressed with your product, packaging and prompt, efficient and courteous service. I like the sample of the tea you sent so much that I just ordered the three month supply. The tea I had previously gotten from a different company was weak and tasteless.

We'd like to refer you to Whole Foods Markets, Soothe Your Soul, and Lindberg's Nutrition."

Rebecca S. ~ California, USA

"We received our next order of your tea today and am sharing it with friends They love it too! We have also photocopied the health information so people learn. It is such a powerful tea... but unavailable in our health food shops? Why is that? I have had Jiaogulan from a Chinese shop but it tasted like cardboard - yours is fresh and sweet."

Judy H. ~ NSW, Australia

"My order arrived in fine shape and in good time. I was
surprised at how great a difference there is between
your tea and the tired and bitter taste of the tea
bags I had which were of Chinese origin. I will be ordering again soon."

Robert Chevalier ~ Alaska, USA


Distribution Orders

We offer per-kilogram wholesale pricing for bulk Jiaogulan orders anywhere in the world. We will pack it and ship it anyway you like. We can even brand it with your company name. Please see our Distributor Wholesale Order page form more information.


potPackaging and Shipping of Herbal Jiaogulan

We ship all orders in decorative bags to maintain freshness. These bags make a great first impression and are wonderful gift items.

Orders are shipped by Registered Thai Air Mail to most locations around the world.


potOrdering Organic Gynostemma Online

Thank you for your interest in ordering Jiaogulan. Our Jiaogulan is harvested monthly and packaged in small lots to maximize freshness.

See combination packages for organic Jiaogulan tea & capsules right here. Shipping is included with all consumer orders to anywhere in the world.

Thailand Herbs: Jiaogulan Tea, Jiaogulan Capsules, Mulberry Leaf Tea, Oolong Tea
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potOrder in Bulk from the Source and Save

We process all of our Jiaogulan Tea to minimize packaging and maintain freshness. The shelf-life (how long it maintains original taste and potency) of packaged Jiaogulan is 18 months.

Become a reseller and receive additional bulk discounts on Immortalitea™.

By buying our products you will be helping farmers (like the Karen Hill-tribe people pictured below) in the hills of Northern Thailand. The cultivation of Herbal Teas provides an alternative cash crop to the many hill-tribe people that have relied on Opium production for generations.

Girls of the Karen tribe carrying chrysanthemums which will be made into tea.

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