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potJiaogulan is a great Weight Loss Tea

Jiaogulan, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, with its soothing and healthy properties is a great value in weight management. Combined with a healthy diet and daily exercise we've found Jiaogulan the perfect compliment for weight management.

Jiaogulan is NOT a Fad-Fix weight-loss product. It's a whole-food, super-food, body management super-herb and it is...

  • NOT a laxative
  • NOT addictive
  • NOT caffeinated - though naturally stimulating
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Adaptogenic - will adapt to your body's own needs

Jiaogulan does provide Permanent Weight Management and...

  • Energy and alertness
  • Bowel mobility
  • Adaptogenic balance for bodily systems
  • Diabetes support
  • Heart & circulatory support
  • Cholesterol management


pTemporary vs. Permanent Weight Management Support

Weight Loss through Water: Check any herbal weight loss product for Senna or Garcina. These laxatives cause loss of weight through loss of fluids. These are temporary weight loss solutions and may be addictive.

Weight Loss through Stimulates: Other products popularly contain amphetamines (ending in -ine like pseudoepinephrine) and caffeine. These are stimulates that suppress appetite but harm the body. They may also become addictive.

Weight Management Support: Jiaogulan in a 100% natural, organic herbal product that may balance your body and provide longevity. Jiaogulan is and adaptogen and by definition cannot bring harm to your body.

See more about he adaptogenic properties of Jiaogulan here. Scientist have found only 1 in 400 plants are adaptogenic. Jiaogulan is unique and special. We also won the award for the Best Tasting Tea in Thailand so you'll enjoy your weight management program by using a product that gives pleasure.

We recommend 4 to 8 cups per day over a 1 to 3 month period to start. See our order page and begin drinking this amazing herbal beverage for less that US$0.12 per cup.


pDiet Tea perfect for Weight Loss Management

Clients tell us they feel more rested yet more energized when drinking our organic Jiaogulan. They also find digestion and bowel mobility improves. We encourage our clients to stay away from processed foods, refined sugar and caffeinated beverages. Avoiding cold drinks at meals and/or replacing them with warm Jiaogulan herbal tea also aids digestion and lessens flatulence.

Weight loss comes with awareness. When you take in more calories than you body may process on a daily basis you gain weight. Many people aren't lazy, they just don't have any energy. When you drink Jiaogulan you'll feel more vitalized and want to burn more calories. We've shipped our product to 40 different countries and 100's of people agree. Jiaogulan taste great and improves your lifestyle by improving your health.


pBlood Sugar, Blood Pressure and Blood Fat

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum / Jiaogulan Tea It is used by people in China and Japan to help support blood sugar, blood pressure, and to manage blood fat.

Scientific studies in China, Germany and Japan indicate possible improvements in lipid metabolism which in turn can enhance weight loss with continuous use. Studies may indicate that Gynostemma improves fat metabolism, and depresses lipid peroxide and fat sediment in blood vessels. China and Japan see hope jiaogulan's possible use for arteriosclerosis and simple obesity.

This study may not be indicative of the effects of gynostemma pentaphyllum on all people. More human studies will need to be done to prove or disprove overall results.

Read what others are saying about Jiaogulan and weight loss below.


pJiaogulan is used in Japan for obesity.

"Dear Marc Cofer: Two things to tell you. First, you'll be glad to know that I'm spreading the word about your products, and one of my colleagues and her husband have recently placed an order or two and are now using the tea and capsules. Second, using jiaogulan as part of my diet and exercise program, I've managed to lose 15 kg in six months, which I think is pretty good going."

William F.
Japan - Repeat Customer


pObesity and Digestion

"While Jiaogulan may be good for lowering cholesterol, it's also may be good for obesity problems, by improving and strengthening digestion. At the same time, it might allow an underweight person to increase absorption of nutrients and gain weight in the form of lean muscle mass. This regulatory effect on bodily functions is the hallmark of an Adaptogen, in this case reducing or increasing weight as needed."

Zhou, S. ~ Pharmacological study on the adaptogenic function of jiaogulan and jiaogulan compounds
Zhong Cao Yao ~ China 1990.

potDrink sweet tea instead of consuming empty calories associated with colas

"I have always found that I need a cola kick-start in the morning and after lunch during work. My doctor warned me that my 2 to 3 drinks of sugar and caffeine a day were aggravating my hypertension.

A close friend told me about your organic herbal tea and gave me a sample package. You would believe it, but after just 3 days of drinking it, I immediately grew accustomed to the taste and cut back on drinking sugary colas."

Jim M. ~ Toronto, Canada
Fashion Designer


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Great Taste and
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"I just received my jiaogulan tea from your company. It is very sweet and delicious! I tried jiaogulan from another company and found it to be very bitter. You clearly have a superior product. It helps me sleep at night too!"

Thank you for enriching
the quality of my life!

Elizabeth Y. M.D.
USA - Repeat Customer


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