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potJiaogulan instead of Coffee

"We became interested in Jiaogulan to be more healthy and provide a healthy infusion as an alternative to coffee. We absolutely love the tea, and are looking forward to many more cups of it. Thank you!"

Pia C. ~ Georgia, USA
Repeat Customer ~ Farmers Natural Foods


potDrink sweet tea instead of consuming empty calories associated with colas

"I have always found that I need 1 or 2 cups of coffee to get going in the morning and a cola kick-start after lunch during work. My doctor warned me that my 2 to 3 drinks of coffee/colas a day were aggravating my hypertension.

A close friend told me about your organic herbal tea and gave me a sample package. You would believe it, but after just 3 days of drinking it, I immediately grew accustomed to the taste and cut back on drinking coffee and colas."

Jim M. ~ Toronto, Canada
Fashion Designer


potCoffee/Black Tea or Green, Organic, Herbal Infusion anyone?

"I just had to stop drinking coffee and black tea. My daily Caffeine boosters were making me shaky and aggressive. I would get 5 or 6 massive headaches per week and these would sometimes lead to full-blown migraines.

I have now been drinking Jiaogulan Tea everyday for the past 2 years. I recommend Jiaogulan for everyone."

Marc C. ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jiaogulan Distributor


potJiaogulan use in the Himalayas

"Our biking guides and clients have found Jiaogulan is perfect for casual riders or extreme enthusiast who want to enjoy a refreshing beverage in the high-mountain terrain of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal."

Peter S. ~ Kathmandu Nepal
Owner ~ Himalayan Mountain Bikes


Click here to Order at for US$7.95Michael Blumert and Dr. Jioliu Liu have assembled the best source of information concerning the research of Jiaogulan and its components.

Jiaogulan, The Chinese Immortality Herb

This book contains analysis of over 10 years of study at leading universities and institutes in China, Japan and the United States. Click here to order at for US$7.95.


potReseller Success Stories

"We thank you so much! Your Jiaogulan is our best selling new item. 48 units sold and another 22 on backorder (70 total in just a week & a half!) We appreciate your getting the order out quickly. You'll be sure to see another order from me soon, I'm sure!"

Julie ~ California, USA
Catalog Purchasing Agent

"Hello Marc, So sorry I haven't gotten back to you. Yes!!! We've gotten the tea and it's flying off the shelf like wildfire. I recommend it to EVERYONE. We have less than half of it left and will need to reorder soon. We make a bunch everyday for clients and ourselves. We love it. Thanks so much for the quality and I'm so glad I have your company as a health resource."

Liza S. ~ San Diego, California
Dancing Heart Spa & Boutique ~ Jiaogulan Reseller


Caffeine FREE Jiaogulan
Organic Herbal Tea direct from the source in
Northern Thailand.
FREE Shipping on
all consumer orders!

Order a 3-month supply & save 200% off retail prices.

Would you like to try 30 cups on Organic, Herbal Jiaogulan?

We'll pickup the shipping cost and you'll be drinking 4 to 8 cups of healthy, delicious tea for less the price of your daily cup of gourmet coffee.

Pick out one of our Sample Taste packages. Pickup a couple extras to pass on to friends.

We offer FREE shipping (see Jiaogulan Capsules listed below) on consumer orders. We also guarantee the freshest product available anywhere.

Great Taste

"I just received my jiaogulan tea from your company. It is very sweet and delicious! I tried jiaogulan from another company and found it to be very bitter. You clearly have a superior product.

Thank you for enriching
the quality of my life!"

Elizabeth Y. M.D.
USA - Repeat Customer


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