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What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are thought to protect body cells from damage caused by a chemical process called oxidation. Oxygen free radicals, natural chemicals produced by oxidation, are known to be involved in the development of several conditions including heart diseases. By limiting oxidation, Jiaogulan and other antioxidants may reduce damage to blood vessels and other changes that may contribute to the development of heart disease.

Although no well-controlled human studies have been conducted (in the USA) to verify them, a few animal studies and case reports suggest a limited role for Jiaogulan in tea or capsule form for supporting both cardiovascular and cholesterol levels. Jiaogulan contains proven antioxidants, chemicals known as gypenosides.

In addition, Jiaogulan contains a high percentage of saponins, chemicals that dissolve in both water and oil. In the stomach and intestines, some saponins may fasten onto cholesterol particles in the blood, thereby stopping cholesterol absorption by the body and promoting its elimination. Although saponins from Jiaogulan have not been studied specifically (in the USA), saponins from other plant sources also attach to bile, effectively removing it from circulation. The body then has to use some dietary or stored cholesterol to make more bile, further reducing the amount of cholesterol that stays in the blood.

Traditionally, saponins has been used for joint support. Although little research supports the specific use of Jiaogulan for supporting joints, some researchers believe that saponins generally may interfere with the production of a chemical that keeps the body from making new cartilage for joints. Saponins may also have anti-inflammatory effects.

As an antioxidant, Jiaogulan may also have potential as an immune-stimulating agent. The antioxidant effects of Jiaogulan may also protect the liver from some of the damage caused by certain drugs or chemicals or by chronic alcohol abuse. These possible effects need further study to prove or disprove them.

Reportedly, Jiaogulan and other saponin-containing herbal products have been applied to the scalp for dandruff maintenance and to the skin for relief of eczema and psoriasis. None of these possible uses have been proved by study results. Jiaogulan’s soapy consistency does, however, make it a good soap or shampoo substitute.


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Drink Sweet, Organic Jiaogulan

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